Friday, 14 May 2010

Nas, Erykah Badu & Talib Kweli Speak chat about Jay Electronica

With the likes of Nicki Minaj and Drake both signed to major record lables and soon to drop their debut LPs, you could state a good claim to Jay Electronica being hip-hop's hottest free agent.

He is certianly no rookie, he has a rapidly expanding fan base due to the realise of quality mix tapes. Still buzzin' off off his guest appearance on Reflection Eternal's "Just Begun" with Mos Def and J. Cole, his own "Exhibit C" produced by Just Blaze and the well publisized recently released "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace" featuring Diddy, he has never held such a high position in the Hip-Hop ranks.
The only one restraint is the project he owes to "Deacon Records", but barring that Jay Elect is essentially a free agent.The Hip-Hop world eaglery awaits his freshman LP,  his biggest cosigners were bigging him up to

"Jay Electronica is a free agent, but Control Freaq Records is a label that allows artists to use its and my brand, Erykah Badu’s platform to move in the direction that they wanna move in," Badu told "So my label is not a binding contract, but it’s another statement and our statement is freeing the slaves from the slave masters, meaning the music slaves from the masters, they convert back to the artists. They belong to them, so that’s what Control Freaq Records is about and yea, he’s a part of that movement."
Jay's made such an impression on Nas that the Queens MC had him produce "Queens Get the Money" on his 2008 "Untitled" album.
"I like Jay Electronica," Nas offered. "He seems to be a little bit older than a lot of the new guys so he’s gon come with a lot more information. Where his head’s at is in a great place and the music that he’s making is gon bring  a lot to the table, a lot of good energy."
Talib Kweli shared Nas' sentiment.